Shopping Centers in Istanbul, Turkey

This essay is going to consider tourists’ most favorite and main purpose for visiting Turkey. Clearly, Turkey is well-known for its textile industry around the world and everyone starts purchasing after entering the country. Diversity of brands and high quality provides every tourist with the opportunity to find easily whatever they like and experience good shopping with peace of mind. In addition to clothing, Turkey is also powerful in electronic goods, cosmetics, and furniture and therefore you can also have a guaranteed shopping.

If you can get enough information about shopping centres before travelling to Turkey, you can save your time and reduce transportation costs as well. In the following paragraphs, different shopping centres in Istanbul will be introduced. These shopping centres are among those with hundreds of shoppers and visitors.

Istanbul Cevahir (Jevahir in English)

This shopping center which has been located in Sisli Street in Istanbul was opened in 2005 as a six-story complex with 420,000 and 350 shops. The diversity of brands is obvious. Its first five floors consist of clothing, electronic supplies, and furniture and the sixth floor includes restaurants and cafes. This shopping center has twelve cinemas, a stage for conferences and plays, multi-dimensional cinema, children’s playground, etc., thus, it has all facilities for an enjoyable day.

Working hours: 10 t0 22

Address: Buyukdere St., Mayis neighborhood, Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey

Mall of Istanbul

This is one of the biggest shopping centers in Istanbul which contain famous brands including Koçtas, Media Markt, Teknosa, Mudo,  YKM, and Zara. This shopping center has 154,000 and 350 shops which are serving the customers at present.

You can visit English, French and Turkish brands, restaurants, 1 cinema, and a covered park; however, one of its main services is a 300-room hotel which is located on top of the complex.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Address: Suleyman Demirel Blvd., Mahmutbey, Basaksehir, Istanbul, Turkey

Zorlu Istanbul

This shopping center has 180 shops, a 5-star hotel, and a luxury business office; therefore, it has been one of the most favorable shopping centers in Istanbul; Apple’s first agency store, called Cube Store, with New York exclusivity, is located in Zorlu Istanbul shopping center.

First universal brands which have no branches in other shopping centers are available in this shopping center such as  Brooks Brothers, Industrie Denim, Cos, Lanvin, Pomellato, Stella McCartney, and Superdry.

There are 14 cinemas, international restaurants like Italian and Turkish ones, a unique architecture, all in all, are ready to serve customers.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Address: Kuru St., Lavaziyom neighborhood, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey

Kanyon Istanbul

If you want to have a cheaper and more logical purchase, we suggest you do your shopping in Kanyon mall. Although this complex has got a small area with only 160 shops, it provides a warm and friendly environment with cafes in an open area.

There is a sports salon and 9 cinemas in this shopping center. Also, there is an open area for music and concerts.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Address: Buyukdere st., Esentepe neighborhood, Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey

Forum Istanbul

If you want to do shopping in Istanbul and find all of your wanted clothes just in one center, then do not forget Forum Istanbul shopping center where is considered to be one of the European complexes in Turkey. In addition to all well-known international brands, you can buy whatever you need and whatever a shopping center can provide.

Forum Istanbul has got more than 30 million visitors every year. There are bowling salons, different restaurants, theatres, Imax cinema, ice ski, children’s playground, and Jurassic parks. However, one of its important aspects is visiting the Bosphorus waterway from the top of this shopping center.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Address: Pasa St., Kokatepe neighborhood, Istanbul, Turkey

Istinye Park

This shopping center is an enjoyable place with its glass-made dome architecture for an exciting day with colorful purchases. It has 300 shops full of different brands, theatres, Turkish restaurants. However, its distinguishing feature with other shopping centers is related to an aquarium with more than 1000 sea animals in a long tunnel.

There are some famous and important buildings near this shopping center such as Emirgan Park, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Rumeli castle.

Working hours: 10 to 22

Address: Kadsi St., Pinar neighborhood, Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey

Trump Towers

Trump towers have been opened in Sisli in 2012 and are one of the people’s most favorite shopping centers in Istanbul. They are of unique features.

These two towers which have been located near each other, and the main building is exactly near Mecidiyekoy, have a shopping center with 175 shops, different brands, restaurants, conference hall, and cinema in 436,000 square meters. All of these add to the value of these towers.

It is worth mentioning that these towers have 37 business and residential floors and many national and international companies

Working hours: 10 to 22

Address: Mecidiyekoy, Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey