Gas Station Companies in Turkey

Today, as Turkey has become a favorite destination for Iranians for traveling or immigrating, it is worth obtaining required information about how to get there by your personal car; or you may inhabit Turkey and intend to purchase or rent a car. First of all, you should consider the price of fuel in this country.

Before analysis of fuel and introduction of fueling stations in Turkey, you should know that despite the fact that Iran and Turkey as Islamic neighbor countries with somewhat the same population have quite different statistics in terms of fuel consumption, especially petrol. Although daily petrol consumption is 9 million liters in Turkey, it is 90 to 100 million liters in Iran.

There are several reasons behind this big difference in petrol consumption between Iran and Turkey such as optimal consumption of Turkish transport ship compared to automobiles in Iran, high fuel taxes in Turkey which in turn affects the consumption rate of fuel and a high share of liquefied petroleum gas in the transport system in Turkey.

More than 70% of liquefied petroleum gas in Turkey is related to automobiles which reduce petrol consumption and increases economics of this country as well and consequently has led to clean and fresh air in cosmopolitan cities.

Petrol and gasoline is said to be the most expensive fuel in Turkey because high taxes have been assigned to them. Turkey has no oil sources and when you are fuelling your car, in fact, you are paying 15% as a tax.

Petrol transportation costs have a significant effect on its price such that a general theory states that the farther you are from the Mediterranean Sea, the more expensive the cost of gasoline will be. As an example, petrol is cheaper in Istanbul than in Van because of petrol transportation to that city. There are several companies doing business in this field and provide petrol with different prices and qualities.

In general, there are six main gas station companies in Turkey that are explained as follows:

Petrol Ofisi

This company is in the first rank regarding petrol supply in Turkey with an approximate share of 22% and 1800 fuel stations. It was founded by the Turkish government in 1941 but it changed to a private company in 2000 and today it owns over 20% of gas stations all around the country.

Opet Petrolculuk

This company ranked the second position by supplying 17% petrol. It has been established in 1982 and a half a share of it has been purchased by Koc Holding. Now, this company has 1300 gas stations in Turkey.

Shell and Turcas Petrol

This is a Dutch company which started its activity in the 19th century and set up its activity in Turkey in 1923 and supplies 15% of petrol in Turkey and has 1000 gas stations in this country.

BP Petrolleri

This company rooted in Britain has started its activity in Turkey since 1957 and supplies 8% of petrol in this country and at present owns over 600 gas stations.

Total Oil Turkiye

This is a French company that was established in 1924. It has officially started its activity in Turkey since 1992 and continues its activity with more than 5% share in the Turkish market. The company has 400 active gas stations.

M Oil

One of the well-known gas station in Turkey is M oil which has been founded in 1996 and has a great share as a local and native company. The company has more than 400 gas stations and is active in fuel supply services.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that fuel price is different and competitive in each of these mentioned companies. Therefore, if you face different prices in different stations or cities, do not surprise.