Mobile SIM cards in Turkey

If you are planning to travel to Turkey or reside there, definitely your first need is a phone SIM card. Undoubtedly, having a SIM card is not indispensable for a tourist to travel to this country, considering the facilities provided for tourists, yet sometimes having a Turkish SIM card can be said to be an advantage.

In Turkey, we can name the three main companies of mobile operators, namely Turkcell, Vodafone, and Turk Telekom. each operator offers significant panels that we evaluate each operator.


It is the largest mobile operator in Turkey with the most signal coverage in Turkey.  The company strives to provide the best services by distributing reputable agencies in the city and provides services in the form of monitoring and a variety of SIM cards.  Quality video, messaging and internet services, and the use of convenient service codes are some of the remarkable features of this company. One of the best features offered by Turkcell is the roaming service. if you activate it can be used in Iran as well.

The direct telephone number for receiving services to Turkcell subscribers is 05325320000.


Red and white, a remarkable feature of the company that most people identify the company with this logo and color, the main competitor of Turkcell in Turkey, which has been able to surpass Turkcell in terms of quality of Internet services and establish its self as a tough competitor. The goal of this company is to attract foreign customers, so amazing panels are available for them.

One of the services offered by Vodafone is providing a holiday sim card for tourists, which is reserved for tourists with a credit of 120 days and a certain amount of internet and calls on the initial charge.

An interesting and positive point of Vodafone is the presence of fluent English customer service attendants, which is very significant and important, especially for tourists.

The direct telephone number for receiving services for subscribers is 05425420000.

Turk Telekom

The third mobile operator in Turkey is rapidly approaching Vodafone and Turkcell.

Turk Telekom responds to its customers by offering different packages and automated answering services.

Most services are provided in person or through SMS, and one of the most obvious weaknesses of this company is that it does not provide an accurate list of its services, and most of the time it is necessary to obtain the information in person.

But one of the new services of this company is presenting the application of this company for Android phones called Turk Telekom islemler.

This application indicates the basic information as well as the amount of the credit remaining from your package

In this application, gifts are given away including free internet or free call on a weekly basis.

After reviewing the three main operator companies, the question may arise which operator is more suitable to buy?  We tried to introduce the companies above. in conclusion, it should be said that I enjoy the services of all three companies and the variety of services provided, yet it could differ from person to person. For example, someone needs more internet than a phone call. Having compared the prices, for example, Vodafone could be the best choice for them. on the other hand, leaving Turk Telecom is definitely a better choice for the person for whom the phone calls come first.

It should be noted that in recent years, Turkcell has won the best operator titles, but the services of the other two companies cannot be ignored.

Types of SIM cards in Turkey

Permanent SIM card

It is not featured to be registered for tourists. it includes people who have a bank account in Turkey, property in Turkey, residence in Turkey.

Prepaid SIM card

It is similar to credit SIM cards in Iran, which you can buy from one of the providers in Turkey according to the price list.

it is easily activated and used, but note that if the line is not paid or used for 6 months, the line will be deactivated.

Tourism SIM card

As the name implies, for tourists with a certain amount of credit as well as a certain amount of internet and calls.

International SIM card

By providing this type of SIM card, you can communicate with 200 countries.

Permanent Wi-Fi

If you go to Turkey for working or if you only need the Internet, you do not have to get a SIM card. with this device, you can use the Internet for 3 to 7 days.  

High-speed internet, delivery at your location، and also if you need more than 7days, you will be charged an additional fee in the dollar.

Necessary documents to buy a Turkish SIM card

  • Kimlik (Turkish national card) or passport and
  • Fill out the operator company form.

If you intend to acquire a Turkey residence, it is recommended that you get a SIM card with a turkey ID card.

Where to buy a Turkish SIM card?

If you walk on any street in Turkey, you will definitely see the agencies of telecommunication operators many times and they all provide SIM cards.

First, you need to present your ID, then you fill out the relevant forms, they offer you the available number, after selecting the final registration and signing the forms

The SIM cards are activated after a few minutes.

It is recommended to buy the SIM card from the agencies close to your place of residence, because in addition to the price difference in the airports, in case of any problems, you will have to go to the place that you purchased the SIM card.