Turkish Airlines

These days, most passengers are familiar with well-known airlines around the world and no doubt that famous airlines play a vital role in our daily life. From domestic to international travels, with family or on a business trip, all require an optimal choice either in terms of costs or facilities.

This article is going to introduce one of the most powerful airlines in the airway industry that is Turkish Airlines. As known by its name, it is dedicated to Turkey and it has a long history and a lot of honors for the country.

Turkish airline is a Turkish national airline that is well-known for its high-quality services, ideal hospitality, and safe flight. The company was successful in attracting passengers’ attention across the world. If you have already flown by Turkish airlines or you are going to buy a flight ticket for a coming journey by Turkish airline, it is recommended to read the rest of this article for more information.

Turkish airline which was established in 1933 by Mustafa Ataturk order has 300 flights for different parts of the world every day. This airway has direct flights to Asian, African, European, and American countries. There is also a direct flight to Iran. This airline which has been selected as the best company in Turkey and the fourth one in the world has now outdistanced its local rivals including Atlas Global, Pegasus, SunExpress, Freeboard, AnvarAir, Krendon Air, Borajet. This well-known company is one the best ones in the world. Its head office is in Istanbul and is providing flight services with 323 jet planes for the passengers.

Facts about Turkish Airline

This company started its work just with five aircraft and 30 staff, which by the eve of the fortieth anniversary of the company there are 4437 active personnel who are working in different places and the number of employees is increasing day by day.

The company added five jet-engine aircraft called viscount 794 to its industry and this made a great change.

It was Masoud Manioglu who designed the logo for the company in 1959. The logo indicates a wild goose meaning Yaban Kaz in Turkish

In 1972, 200 million of the company’s capital was returned by 100% interest, and this enabled the company to buy McDonnell Douglas Dc10 aircraft within a year from Europe and continue its development.

The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1983 with 2.5 million passengers.

It was in 1988 which its special website has been designed and started its online work officially in 2001. The company provided passengers with online check-in and e-bilet to buy and book their tickets.

Then, in 2017, Turkishairlins.com based on “kullanıcı dostu system”, meaning user’s friend,  provided the easiest way and the shortest time for buying tickets

Turkish Airline’s Services

Turkish Airline which is one of the best four companies in the world is definitely of special privileges in terms of customer services, high quality of services, various flight timetables, food menu including Turkish and international foods and enables the passenger to choose their favorite food as they wish. Appetizers and desserts are also included in the menu by which there is no excuse for any kind of dissatisfaction. Hot drinks such as cappuccino, hot chocolate, Turkish coffee, and whatever a passenger would like to order are available at any time to be served.

Turkish Airline’s Destinations

This company which is always among the highly-ranked airlines in the world has a considerable number of international flights as follows: U.S.A., Canada, Italy, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland,  Spain, Tanzania, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Cameron, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Lithuania, Turkmenistan, Libya, Japan, Iran, Taiwan, Egypt, Ireland, Iraq, Thailand, Greece, Brazil, Finland, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Yemen, Netherlands, Cambodia, Czechoslovakia, Kosovo, Nigeria, France, Norway, Azerbaijan, Germany, Oman, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Philippines, Ecuador, Zambia, Belgium, South Africa, South Korea, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kuwait and….

The only crash of Turkish Airlines

The only crash for this company has been on 25th February 2009. It was within a 500-meter distance from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol that the airplane crashed with 127 passengers and seven crews. Nine people were killed and 84 were damaged.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that whatever you need and like for an ideal journey is available in Turkish airlines with its two parts of services, one of which is dedicated for first class and the second one is for second class and it is becoming more modern and developed day by day. During the flight, there is a monitor for each seat with special programs for different range of ages. More technical, there is 116 meters distance between seats and every seat is 49cm long and 8.8 m wide. Seats are flexible. There are charging sockets for cell phones and laptops and every seat is equipped with a massage system.