Buying House in Turkey

If you are going to buy a house in Turkey, it is advisable to read this article because useful information will be said here. Given the fact that Turkey is developing and foreigners, especially Iranians, are showing a great interest in investing in this country by buying properties such as houses, you should take some points into consideration.

Your purpose is the first and most important subject matter regarding buying a house or so in Turkey. That by buying a house what your intention plays an influential role in your choice and purchase. You do a win-win purchase when you achieve a pre-determined goal.

Buying a property in Turkey may be followed by several goals like short-term residence, citizenship, investment, etc.

Regarding these short explanations, it is determined that amount of costs varies based on the intended purpose. After determining your goal of buying a house in Turkey, the choice will be easier and after that, it is time to know the law and legal rules of this country.

First, it is better to start with a clear explanation about different types of houses in Turkey. Normally, there are two types of houses in Turkey: 1) sites and 2) normal apartments. Site complexes are equipped with every kind of facilities including a gym, swimming pool, sauna, historical Turkish bath, playground for children, 24-hour security, and the like. These complexes are of high monthly charges (called “aidat” in Turkish) to be paid by residences. But, normal apartments are consisted of a maximum of 10 floors with no facilities like site complexes and are run at less cost.

If you tend to buy a house for a short-term residence, then you can buy a cheaper house. However, you should have documents and conditions that are explained in detail below (the least price of houses in cosmopolitans like Istanbul is said to start from 250,000 Turkish liras.

Buying a house in order for citizenship needs more clarification and is considered to be a thought-provoking subject matter to be explained in detail in different articles. However, in short, this code is true for properties evaluated as higher than 250,000 dollars and you can get Turkish citizenship, identity card, and passport after completing the house-buying process in terms of law and legal rules from immigration organizations

However, there are those buyers who pursue some other kinds of intentions and goals like an investment for the future or take advantage of facilities that are off-topic discussions and related to issues for getting a visa.

Tips to buy a house in Turkey:

The property should have an official and valid document. In the Turkish language, this document is called “Tapu”. The document is always important for every kind of property. Note that in Turkey there are two categories of Tapu: red Tapu and blue Tapu. The property that you buy as a foreign buyer must be a red one and its property field-cut should be completed. Details of red Tapu will be explained in a separate article.

Before buying, be sure to receive a photocopy of the document and get all the necessary inquiries from the municipality, bank, or tax office so that not to get into trouble in the future.

As far as possible, buy a property that is complete and ready for delivery; otherwise specify all actions such as the document and the contract of completion of work, etc. in a formal contract.

Make sure that the company or real estate that you are buying the house or property from has an official license from the Turkish government.

House can be directly bought from a seller, bank, construction company ( in Turkish İnŞaat”), and real estate offices.

If you make the purchase directly from the seller, there will be no fee as commission to be paid.

Making a purchase from construction companies in Turkey, most of the time has no commission costs, unless you are introduced by a sales representative.

The average commission cost you pay after the purchase is 4% of the total amount, which is basically an agreement fee and can be negotiated between the parties.

If you cannot speak Turkish, come to the contract with your lawyer or a person who knows Turkish.

If an amount of money is to be paid as an advance payment, be sure to do the administrative affairs through the notary.

According to the above-mentioned explanations, it is concluded that buying a house in cosmopolitan cities in Turkey requires accurate information and your physical attendance in the place. Turkey is different from Iran in terms of city planning, construction styles, and architecture. Therefore, make sure to go to your intended city personally to buy a house in Turkey.

As an example, there are 32 regions in Istanbul, each of which has its own respective specifications and conditions. A buyer may want to buy a house at 500 thousand Turkish liras value; he/she can find their ideal house in several parts of Istanbul. However, they should consider all aspects from the commute, downtown distance, job opportunities, etc. the main point for buying a house in Turkey is its neighborhoods and alleys with ups and downs that seem strange and odd to Iranians.