Turkish sales

Turkey is a country that is the main pole of clothing and one of the main tourist destinations. With the dispersion of shopping malls and local markets throughout the city, it has been able to meet the needs of shopping and introduce itself as a producing country. If you are planning to travel to Turkey as a tourist and you want to make a good purchase after that, then you should know when is the best time to travel to this country.

In general, in Turkey, there are always some incredible seasons of the year, such as Christmas.

But there are other times when prices are even higher than the New Year in terms of breaking prices, so stay tuned.

Eide Fitir and Eide Ghorbaan, which have a special place in Islamic countries, are also very valuable in Turkey, and customs are observed there.

On Eide Fitir,  everyone wears new clothes and goes to visit their families, so at this time, all shopping malls start their auctions, and you can feel the real auction these days.

Eide Ghorbaan, which is associated with many sacrifices every year in Turkey and is always respected, is another important holiday in this country that, in addition to a few days holiday, creates a special atmosphere in the Turkish bazaars.

Big brands with incredible auctions in a big competition offer what they have as the best and it can be said that it makes it harder for buyers to choose and buy.

So far, we have mentioned the auction seasons in the New Year, EideFitr, Eide Ghorbaan, but it must be said that the breaking of prices is not only for these times, and each brand may auction on certain dates and their customers would be informed this  It informs of the event.

undoubtedly, in the meantime, large complexes in big cities such as Istanbul shopping malls also have times for public auctions on their tables, which you may see take place once a year for a week.

If we want to look one step lower, we come to the auction of local bazaars, in different parts of the city, these markets, which are usually opened one or two days a week and carry necessities of life at very reasonable prices.

In the following, we want to introduce 10 famous bazaars in different regions of Turkey

Bazaar (Fatih Wednesday)

This bazaar is located in Istanbul in the Fatih district and is open two days a week on Wednesdays and Mondays. It has all the home appliances, food, vegetables, clothes, etc. in it.

Bazaar (Alaçatı)

We suggest that you visit this bazaar if you are interested in antiques. This bazaar is open seven days a week.

Bazaar (Beşiktaş county)

As the name suggests, this bazaar is open in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul on Mondays and is considered one of the best and largest bazaars in Istanbul.

Bazaar (Green Square)

It is located in Istanbul, operates on Wednesdays and Sundays. There are all the necessary items, especially clothing, in this bazaar. (Clothing in this bazaar  has high prices, but they are a little more suitable compared to shopping malls)

Bazaar  (Ulus Thursday)

Ulus is held on Thursdays in one of the luxury areas of Istanbul.

Bazaar (Kadı koy)

Istanbul Kadikoy has a long history and is one of the good weekly bazaars in Istanbul.

It is open on Sundays.

Bazaar (Aşağı ayrancı)

The bazaar, which is set up near the Turkish Parliament in Ankara's Dikmen district, is an indoor bazaar with a high variety of goods and reasonable prices on Wednesdays.

Bazaar (Güzelyalı)

This bazaar, which is now a tourist attraction in Izmir, Turkey, is open on Sundays and you can buy everything from fresh vegetables to whatever you want.

Bazaar (Basement mazö köylüler)

This bazaar is held in one of the tourist cities of Turkey, which is also a favorite of Iranians for accommodation and travel, on Sundays in Bodrum and is one of the largest weekly auction bazaars.

Bazaar (Bolu köylü)

This bazaar in Bolo is open on Mondays and is one of the small local bazaars.