Immigrating to Turkey through work

Obtaining residence in Turkey through work is one of the ways to immigrate to Turkey, but before knowing this method of immigration, the destination country must be examined for immigration.

  • To immigrate to this country for work, questions arise, is it possible to obtain a residence permit in Turkey through work? 
  • Does it lead to permanent residence?
  • What are the advantages of this country for working residence? 
  • What jobs does Turkey need?

in this article, we try to find everything you need to stay in Turkey for work, so stay with us.

The geographical location of Turkey

It borders Iran to the east, Bulgaria and Greece to the northwest and north, and Syria and Iraq to the southeast.  The geographical location of this country has made it an economic and tourist destination for investors and tourists.

Turkey, half of which is in Europe and the other half in Asia, has become a bridge between two continents and has multiplied the economic growth of the country, so it can be a good destination for investment.

The existence of international and domestic companies plus the scope of work and foreign businesses necessarily have generated high demand for specialized force in different areas .therefore existence and impact of these people are always felt in this country. The country's unemployment rate is 14%, which is very important for job seekers.

Key points in choosing Turkey for work

The currency of this country is Lira

The language of this country is Istanbul Turkish, which is a basic prerequisite for working in this country.

Being bilingual or trilingual has a very high priority in hiring.

To find the job you are looking for, you can start from the Internet, newspapers, career counselors, and employment centers authorized in Turkey or directly with employers.

One of the best ways to find a job is to register with the Turkish Labor Organization (ISKUR), where you have a higher chance of finding a job.

You can enter Turkey with a one-year tourist residence before applying for a business residence, then change the type of residence.

The minimum salary specified in 2020 by the ministry of labor is 2550 lira per month.

The working hours of private companies in this country are often based on 10 hours.

In the following, we try to explain the residence permit of Turkey in a simple and concise language, so stay with us.

If you are applying for the job that you are looking for from Iran, you will need to provide a set of complete documents. These documents are as follows

  1. Applicant's contract signed by the employer
  2. Presenting the original passport of the applicant, spouse, and dependants if married
  3. Presenting identity documents
  4. Passport photos
  5. Health certificate
  6. Proof of clear criminal record
  7. Educational credentials of the applicant related to the last two stages.
  8. Bank account statement to demonstrate financial independence
  9. Submitting the applicant's resume and CV
  10. Request letter of application for a work permit in Turkey

Subsequently, after entering the country, you must provide documents for obtaining a residence permit, such as a photocopy of your passport plus the stamped page for entering Turkey, and a photo.

The aforesaid requirements apply to those who have a valid job offer from a Turkish employer, however, if someone wants to find a job in Turkey in person, it is necessary to have a valid residence after landing in Turkey, such as a tourist residence, subsequently search for the desired job, after finding the job the person will be qualified to acquire  Çalişma izin(work permit) right after being insured by the employer.

The process of doing these steps is as follows

Submit an online application from the employer to the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and upload the required documents.

Six days after submitting the online application, the documents must be mailed or handed to the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Your documents will be reviewed and the result will be sent to you electronically as well as by mail.

The applicant then has 30 days to submit a request to change the type of residence to work residence.

To change the type of residence, both the employer and the job seeker must provide documents. For the employer, documents include a job application form to recruit the new staff to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and a company loss and profit statement verified by tax authorities from the last business year.

As for the documents that the job applicant must provide, including the average grade of the last degree, the Turkish translation of the last degree, providing copies of employment contracts, providing certificates for vocational courses which foreigners require in some jobs, and personal documents such as passport photo and passports.  Copy of work permit.

Finally, we come to those who want to stay in Turkey for work but create jobs themselves as an entrepreneur.  This method is also chalisma izin and you must first register a company for your business, prepare the necessary documents and upload them on the relevant website, and you can legally not only live in this country as an employer but also work.

Residence through company registration is a topic that we will discuss in detail in another article.

At the end of this article, we name some high demand jobs in Turkey, including:

  • Information technology (programmer, hardware, software, and graphic designer)
  • Chemical and Mechanical Engineer
  • Accountants
  • Phone and laptop repair experts
  • Tourism
  • Hotel business
  • Carpenter
  • Welder
  • Agriculture and export
  • Construction and constructional jobs
  • Chef
  • Sales associate
  • makeup artist
  • Tailor
  • Packing