Erciyes ski resort in Kayseri of Turkey

Did you know that one of the most famous ski resorts in Turkey is Erciyes Kayseri has been able to establish its fame as one of the most impressive ski resorts? it hosts international tournaments and offers a great environment for family entertainment, so every year many tourists come to this mountainous city in the winter to enjoy the wonderful facilities of this resort.  In this article, we will introduce this city and Erciyes winter resort.

The city of Kayseri is located 300 km away from the Turkish capital, Ankara, and was known as Caesarea Mazaka in the past and today as Kayseri.  Kayseri is famous as the capital of denim. It has a significant impact on the Turkish economy, it has set an incredible world record in the Guinness because of the simultaneous opening of 139 factories in one day.

Many immigrants live in this city and it is considered one of the coldest cities in Turkey.

One of the stunning attractions of this city is the Erciyes ski resort, which can be said has always been one of the European tourist destinations in winter.

Erciyes ski resort is located 25 km away from the city and this makes it convenient to get to the city and you can easily go to the city center and spend your day after a fun pastime.

This ski resort has all the necessary standards, so every year in addition to official competitions, it is a place for holding Red Bull tournaments, in which skiing competitions, jumping in a cold water pool, 4-person volleyball, etc are held and precious prizes are awarded to contestants.

At the entrance of the resort, there is a local market where you can prepare everything you need for your day, from breakfast to lunch and dinner where a variety of Turkish dishes can be found.

In Erciyes ski resort environment, all ski-related equipment is provided for both buying and renting. It is available in different sizes for all ages in the most well-known brands.

There is an exciting cable car that takes you to the highest point of Erciyes mountain, so you can ski the way back down the mountain.

After spending some splendid time in this resort, if you are willing to stay the night in this place, I have to say that you have made a good decision because the Erciyes ski resort offers several excellent hotels with majestic facilities including hot water pools with a magnificent view of surrounding areas totally covered in snow.

At the end of this article, I will introduce some hotels of Erciyes ski resort.

Hotel name: Magna

Area: 2200 meters

Capacity: 1450 beds

Room condition: Standard, Suite

Contact number: +90 (352) 333 30 14



Hotel name: ramada

Area: 2300 meters

Capacity: 1600 beds

Room condition: standard, duplex, business suite, suite

Contact number: +90 352 3421239