Tourist residence in Turkey

Nowadays, one of the destinations for tourists who intend to stay in a country for a while is Turkey but first, we must see why this country is chosen by these tourists from their point of view. Undoubtedly, many benefits can be expressed for Turkey.

The geographical location in the region, climate, standard of living, facilities for living, etc. It can be considered as living in a European country with lower costs

Now we want to examine one of the methods of immigration to this country, which is known as tourist residence or short-term residence.

As the name implies, this method is applicable to those tourists who intend to live legally in Turkey for a certain period of time and can be said to be one of the easiest ways to immigrate to this country.

Tourist residence in Turkey has a set of requirements that includes a series of documents which you must first prepare and submit to the Immigration Office of this country and then your eligibility to stay in this country will undergo an assessment by the immigration officer. we will explain in full below.

First of all, you know that by staying in Turkey, you have a 3 months tourism visa to visit Turkey.  If you are willing to apply for tourist residence in this country you have to apply before your 3 months visa expires.

As a tourist, you can apply for a tourist resident visa in any city in Turkey and there is no limitation.

The documents that you must provide to the immigration officer during the day of the interview in order to receive tourist residence are as follows:

  • Print  of Randevo form (appointment form)
  • Original and copy of your house rental agreement(notarized by a notary public)
  • Original and copy of health insurance
  • Original and copy of passport
  • 4 pieces of passport photos
  • Original and copy of Vergi Numarasi tax number
  • Original and copy of payment receipt
  • Health insurance

The first step to getting a tourist residence is buying health insurance.

there are several companies providing these types of services. Everyone offers services with different coverage. 

Basically, when you are in an insurance agency, they give you a price list based on the age table, and you can easily buy only with a passport and a phone number.

Some of these insurance companies are:

  • Sampo japan insurance
  • Ak Sigorta
  • Anatolian insurance
  • Alliance insurance
  • Unico insurance
  • Doga insurance
  • Ankara insurance
  • Turknippo insurance

But keep in mind that your insurance validity is directly related to your

One-year residence validity, so makes a purchase whenever you want to apply for residence.

Rent of house

The house you rent for a tourist residence must have a formal contract from the real estate agency or between you and the house owner, but these contracts are not recognized by the Immigration Office and must be notarized.

(Notary) or notary public is offices where you can have your rental agreement certified as an authentic document.

Tax number

It is your tax code that you can receive by going to one of the tax offices with your passport.

Deposit receipts

You will have to pay approximately 600 TL for card issuance and card fees, which can be deposited at the post office, tax office, and several other banks.

Randevo form

Randevo is an appointment that you must first apply online on the immigration website in order to receive it.

Both English and Turkish languages are available on the website.

If you do not have information, it is necessary to try to do this step by reputable companies, because all the steps that take place on this website must be completed accurately and correctly, and as a result, it will affect your residence status.

First, you will enter a phone number on which a text message will be sent from the Turkish Immigration Office, by which you will be able to continue by entering the verification code that was sent. This website will provide you with the forms that each field must be filled in.

The questions start from personal information down to your address and phone number in Iran and in Turkey, note that your address in Turkey must be selected exactly based on the region, neighborhood, alley, and license plate in the popup menu and if the system showed an error, that address might already be registered.

After these steps, you will need to upload a photo, insurance information, and a series of regular and routine information.

Some of the pages are optional and do not need to be filled out. finally, you have to select one of the immigration offices near your place of residence. It will be followed by confirmation of your application. You can either save it or print it.

This is not the end of it. you will have to wait for a text message from the Turkish Immigration Office stating the date and time of your interview at the place of your choice as the Immigration Office. Subsequently, you will have an in-person appointment in which you need to have your original documents plus their copies. 1 month to 3 months after completing the final paperwork in person, your tourist residence card will be sent to your postal address.