Employment in Turkey

In this article, we try to look at the topic of working in Turkey from another perspective. From the point of view of a foreigner who is present in Turkey and is looking for employment in a Turkish or foreign company.

It should be noticed that in the section on migration through work,

We fully explained the requirement of entry into Turkey and attaining work residence.

In this article, we try to provide explanations for those who have come to Turkey in other ways and are currently planning to work.

Due to the vastness of Turkey and the very dynamic economy, many young and specialized workers have entered the country today and are searching for job opportunities.

These forces include specialists with a university degree or technical staff, all of whom are looking to be hired by a company according to their needs and abilities.

As a job seeker, first, you need to know what the first step to looking for a job is and where to start, but if your Istanbul Turkish language is good it means that you have paved the way for yourself. With putting a little time, you can definitely find the job you want.

In your job search, you can use the services of the Turkish government, which are free, but you can not spend all your time on it and you have to work for what you want.

You can also use online advertisements or authorized employment agencies, some of which will be reviewed in the following article.

Reputable employment agencies, if they provide you with your desired job and lead to your employment, they will charge you equal to one-third of your monthly salary or an amount between 200 and 700 Tl based on the type of your job.

Cvyolla.com, eleman.net,  and career are also active in this field and I suggest that you check them out.

You could also follow newspapers, one of the most famous ones called Posto which is considered as a good reference for job searching.

As for website and application, Sahibinden is one of the most powerful websites in Turkey, which receives a lot of daily visitors, one of the services of which is free job postings by employers.

Other employment agencies that can be named:

  • Learn4 Good website
  • Turkey HT Institute
  • ADE CCO Institute
  • Aleyna insan kaynaklari Institute
  • Data Expert Institute
  • De Tam Ozel Istihdam Institute
  • Arcelik Hizmetleri
  • Turkey Talent website
  • Isyolu Institute

In the following, we will name a number of jobs that require a relevant and valid degree for Turkey with the average salary received in this country.

  • Engineers average 9000 to 11000 TL
  • Doctors average 9000 to 11000 TL
  • Pilots is 15,500 to 17,500 TL
  • Managers average 9000 to 10,000 TL
  • Teachers average 6000 to 8000 TL
  • Marketers average 6000 to 8000 TL
  • Tourism averages 3,000 to 5,000 TL

Note that the salaries mentioned are the average salary received, but there may be a difference in the amount of salary received according to the specialty and lines of work.

Keep in mind that you, as a foreigner, may have a lower salary than your coworkers when you start, which is normal. After a while, if you prove your competence your pay will catch up.

According to statistics conducted in 2020, in four major cities in Turkey, the average monthly income can be estimated as follows:

  • Istanbul 9000 TL
  • Ankara 8000 TL
  • Izmir 8000 TL
  • Antalya 7000 T

If you are looking for a job in factories or manufacturing plants, finding a job will be easier.

You can even work in most cases without any need for mastering the Turkish language.

Most of these jobs are 10 hours a day, paid by the Turkish Ministry Of Labor, and include breaks, lunch, and a commuting service

The minimum salary specified by the Turkish Ministry Of Labor is about 2600 TL, but in most cases, you will receive more than the agreed salary at the end of each month because the production centers usually have overtime.

Work in factories basically starts at 8 am and continues until 6 pm, and in big cities like Istanbul or Ankara, the number of industrial towns is so significant that you can definitely find a suitable job.

In factories, salaries are paid weekly or monthly, besides even some of them provide a place to accommodate you nearby your workplace.

The main point in working in Turkey is to be sure to check all working conditions with the employer before starting.

Try to start working with a legal work permit and insurance from the workplace, because whenever a problem arises, you are the first person who takes a hit.

Obtaining insurance from the workplace, which leads to Chalishma izin, carries some costs for the employer ،So they may tend to evade going to these expenses.

Keep in mind that having a Chalishma izin for a few years will pave the way for you to get a residence permit.

Therefore give priority to those job opportunities in which your rights do not get trampled.